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Upgrade Your Client Experience by Answering This One Question

There is one question that you should be answering with every contact with your client. And unfortunately, in my experience, most companies don’t.

The reasons why you should be answering this question are:

  1. It makes everything more efficient
  2. It’s good customer service.
  3. It allows your client to know exactly what to expect from you.

We get caught up in all the other things that go into our businesses and customer service gets lost. Customer service is not only human-ness, it’s actually something that would make your life and your client’s life easier. Bonus, it makes the client experience overwhelmingly positive.

Every single time you send an email, a DM, a package, a contract, an invoice, you need to be answering this question:

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Your Time Change Crash Course

Daylight Saving is upon us once again – causing great confusion across the nation. Time change trips up even the most experienced world-traveler and international business professional. This crash course will give you the basics of getting your bearings as the time changes and never mess up scheduling a meeting again.

This post focuses on time change in the United States.

Would you rather watch a video on this instead? Great! Click here to catch the video on YouTube.

Standard versus Daylight Time

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the difference between standard and daylight time – and it’s completely counterintuitive.

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3 Ways to Reduce Errors in Your Emails

“I do my best proofreading after I hit send.”

Ain’t that the truth?! I see this saying pop up in various memes a few times a year, and it always makes me giggle. Only after we hit send, do we suddenly notice we typed “your” instead of “you’re” or that we didn’t include the information we said we would. Errors become glaringly obvious, and we wish we had spent just a few more moments reviewing. And that’s all it takes – a few more moments.

With these 3 tips, you will greatly reduce the most common email writing errors without dedicating a ton of time proofreading and editing.

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How to Write an Effective Email Subject Line

Over my 15+ years as an administrative professional and project manager, I found one tool to be indispensable for getting the answers I need and crossing things off my list. And that is… using the email subject line.

For a lot of us, the email subject line is a redundant line of text while trying to send a message, but when used appropriately, it’s your best friend. With proper form, you can set clear expectations about the content of your email and the action needed from the recipient, cutting down on delays and confusion.

And it all comes down to a simple formula…

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3 Biggest Mistakes Made While Writing Emails that are Simple to Solve

Like it or not, email is still our default form of communication and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Sure, you can add in various collaboration and communication tools, but you’re not going to completely get rid of emails. So, for now, it’s our main way of working with others and unfortunately, our fast-paced world is fueling our email headaches.

Too many new emails. Too much back-and-forth. Too much confusion.

How do we fix it?

Well, start by steering clear of these three email writing mistakes that are actually pretty simple to solve.

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Maintaining Focus with a Parking Lot

Have you ever been in a meeting and while you do your best to focus on the content, you can’t help but think of all the other things floating around in your life? Or someone’s comment puts a thought in your mind and you find yourself stuck on it? Sure you have!

It’s always the most random stuff too. Did you ever hear back from that person? You’re out of laundry detergent. Someone recommended a book and it reminded you of that other book you bought and have been meaning to read.

While a simple concept, ensuring you always have a parking lot ready will capture all those random thoughts and keep you present where you need to be.

What is a Parking Lot?

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Increase Your Self-Awareness with the Left-Hand Column Exercise

Self-awareness is all the rage lately. Emotional IQ training. Meditation. Journaling. We’ve made self-awareness trendy.

And that’s not a bad thing.

Slowing down to figure out how we are affecting the world around us is more productive and expected as we interact with each other.

I learned the Left-Hand Column Exercise years ago at my first full time job and it’s been a valuable tool for me over the years. Whether a tense verbal conversation with a coworker or customer or an uncomfortable interaction that you can’t quite put your finger on why it was awkward, this exercise will help you identify factors you may not have noticed or considered before.

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Guidelines for Effective Email Writing

One of the biggest complaints in today’s modern communications is there are too many emails. We step away from our inboxes for an hour and BOOM! Thirty more emails. And then, we start to dig in and have to use extra energy and focus just to get to the main point of each message.

Let’s be honest – we’re all friends here. You’ve read an email and thrown your hands up asking, “What the hell do you want?”

Whether the email is too wordy or the asks are not clear, we easily get flustered when reading a message simply because… if it is taking this long to figure out what this person wants, how long is it going to take me to get through the rest of my inbox?

The reality is you may be the culprit as well. You may be sending emails that cause this anguish and frustration. While we can’t please everyone, we can certainly aim to write the best emails possible for the masses.

That’s where these simple tips come in.

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Tips for Email Management

Unsurprisingly, email tends to be most workers’ biggest headache. Whether it’s a burning desire to document everything or senders just like the ease of email, we are inundated with messages at all hours of the day.

How do we manage the chaos?

Well, first, start thinking of your inbox as a tool, not the bane of your existence. There are a lot of functionalities built into email clients to make our lives easier – we just have to discover them or actually use them.

So, set some time aside today and let’s get organized!

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5 Top Tips to Managing a Remote Team

In today’s work environment, odds are you have at least one team member who works remotely. Whether it is you, your boss, or a peer, remote teams face unique challenges and success relies heavily on everyone working together to build trust and be productive.

What is usually the culprit to dysfunctional remote teams? Communication.

I know. This is surprising to literally no one.

But what does this look like? What tactics work well? How do you get on the right path to success?

Here are five impactful tips to ensure remote teams work well together.

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