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Simple Cybersecurity Rules Everyone Should Follow

Cybersecurity is a shaky topic. Some people are good with risks online. Others have every security software and protocol in place. Some are great about following guidelines at work but completely ignore them at home (or vice versa.) Whatever your views, tendencies, and opinions, there is one fact that we are all faced with – cybersecurity incidents are on the rise and here to stay. As we add more software, apps, and devices, we increase the number of gateways available to hackers to access our data. So what can be done?

Well, a lot – which is part of the confusion and problem, right? Where do you start when there are so many options out there?

Here are a few simple ways to protect yourself and others through healthy cybersecurity behaviors.

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Admin Tips

How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Call them what you want – resolutions, intentions, goals. The new year has become synonymous with taking inventory of your life and making a declaration for betterment. But we’ve all heard the statistics about most resolutions falling to the wayside by January 31st and thus, perhaps, we’ve all become a little jaded toward the idea simply because, collectively, we can’t seem to make these intentions stick. 

Our inability to keep New Year’s resolutions isn’t personal. It’s conditioning. Due to bad marketing, we’ve been taught to set resolutions incorrectly. 

If you’re ready to learn how to keep New Year’s resolutions, let’s change the way we formulate them.

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Business Coach vs Consultant: Which is right for you?

We all get by with a little help from our friends, but when it comes to hiring guidance for our businesses, we want to make sure that help is worth the investment. There are a lot of options out there and if you aren’t careful, you may not get what you’re actually looking for, especially if you confuse a coach with a consultant (or vice versa.)

So let’s start there.

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3 Ways Automation Can Hurt Your Business

Okay – raise of hands… how many of you have been told that the way to get ahead in your business is to automate as much as possible?

I can’t tell you how many people are shocked to hear that, as a systems expert, I still do quite a bit of work manually. Sound like a contradiction? Not if you zoom out a little.

Automation is a great way to share the burden of your workload with tools and apps. However, unless done thoughtfully, too much automation can cause some serious problems for you. There’s a sneaky little trap hiding in automation and if you aren’t looking for it, you’ll end up in a pretty big hole.

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3 Services to Contract for Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is believing they can do it all. While entrepreneurs can (and often do) wear a lot of hats, there are great risks in believing and attempting to run your business by yourself.

Sure, you could do research on all the tax codes and piece together something that sounds like a good contract. You could build automations through multiple apps and grind yourself into the ground executing all your day-to-day tasks and business development.


You could hire an expert to help you. And trust me, the experts are far more affordable than you think.

If you’re ready to offload some work or fill knowledge gaps in your business, here are the top three contractors I recommend you start with.

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Essential Systems for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been at it for a while, running a business can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to consider – legal concerns, tracking financials, and getting all the work done.

In the beginning, we all start out doing the best we can. We go from day-to-day fielding emails, doing our best to stay on top of our task list, and hoping we’re piecing everything together correctly.

But then it happens. We start to grow. We have more than we can handle and we start drowning. We know there’s a better way to do things and the idea of bringing in some help is more stressful than we could have imagined.

There is a way to do it better – no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

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5 Ways to Build Automation into Your Business

Whether you’re running your business solo or have hired help, doing too much manual work can feel like a grind. I mean, how many times have you thought, “Ugh, this again?” Manual work is just that… work. The tasks never go away or get easier if we continue to do them from scratch every time.

Another unfortunate byproduct of manual work is the increased possibility of making errors – especially if we’re working too fast or are buried in work.

Utilizing automations can save you time, headaches, and mistakes when used thoughtfully. But where do you start? I suggest starting with these five simple automations.

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Top 3 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Client Experience

There comes a point in every business owner’s journey where they think, “Why is this so frustrating?”

Running our own businesses isn’t quite as enjoyable as we had hoped, and putting financial stress aside, we seem to be struggling day in and day out. We’re buried in emails. We can’t seem to stay on top of things. We’re constantly doing sales and marketing.

So our knee-jerk response follows one of two paths. Either we think “I’m simply not good at [insert skill here]” or “This is just what the hustle is all about.”

Regardless of which camp you fall in, you may be wrong.

Take a closer look at where you’re struggling with your business. How many of your struggles, in one way or another, link back to your customers? I’m willing to bet more than you would initially think and this means it’s time to address issues in your client experience.

There are three clear signs that it’s time to redesign your client experience, so you have happier customers, and doing business actually gets easier.

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The 3 E’s of Exceptional Service

I could write you a thesis about why customer and client service should be one of your top concerns. Instead, I’m going to boil it down to one succinct line.


We all want to make money and have repeat customers. We want to live off referrals instead of sinking money into online ads and robust marketing systems. We want to see a return on our effort and spend the majority of our time focusing on what we love.

You can easily get there by designing exceptional client experiences that consistently deliver exceptional results. Just start with the 3 E’s.

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