How to Prevent Going Over Capacity

It happens to every service-based business. Effort is enthusiastically poured into networking and marketing to get leads. Discovery calls start filling up the calendar, and proposals start rolling out. Then contracts start getting signed, and suddenly, dread starts setting in – how is all this work going to get done? Long hours are invested in delivering on all the promises made while simultaneously pushing away the waves of overwhelm and burnout because “this is what you wished for.” Once the engagements are over, there’s the recovery period, then fear of lack of leads creeps in, and thus, the process starts over – creating an endless cycle of feast-or-famine, calm-and-chaos, under-engaged-and-over-capacity. And it doesn’t feel great. So the question becomes: as a service-based business, how do you prevent going over capacity? 

Being over capacity as a service provider is a great way to start hating your business. Therefore, it’s important to break out of the cycle and ensure you’re setting effective boundaries with clients and yourself.

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