“My to do list is never ending.”
“I don’t have enough time in the day.”
“I can’t find the information I need quickly.”
“I keep missing deadlines.”
“I’m stuck in the grind. Does this get easier?”


Everything mentioned above doesn’t scare me – it inspires me. I immediately want to dig in and figure out how to solve these problems for you.

From an early age, I have been an organizer – a systems builder. As a kid, I created a library system for my books, so I knew which friends had borrowed them and when. As a teenager, I developed a new patient management system for a traveling podiatrist covering county nursing homes. In college, I overhauled the way an actuarial firm tracked their monthly and annual compliance filings, saving them thousands of dollars in fines each month. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There isn’t a system I see that I don’t start wondering, “How can this be improved?

Developing easier, more efficient ways of getting things done is not just how my brain naturally works. It’s how I serve.

Most people don’t like dealing with the mess of disorganization. It’s not fun. It can be complicated. And unless you’re a productivity superfan, you don’t even know how to start building the best system possible.

That’s what I’m here for. This is what I do. This is what I love.

How can I help you be more efficient?
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Jen Lawrence is a productivity and systems expert passionate about creating ease through systems. Through highly customized consulting services, she helps entrepreneurs and ambitious leaders develop strategic operations solutions to create a way of working that works for them. Learn more about Jen Lawrence at http://www.jenerositypartners.com.


I live in Gilbert, Arizona with my wonderful husband Hank, two sons Cameron and Tyler, and lovable dog Jax. I spend an unusual amount of time cross stitching, reading, and playing my ukulele.

Causes: Girl Scouts USA, Arizona Helping Hands, Feeding America, House of Refuge

Education: Arizona State University, B.A. History, B.A. Political Science, minor Religious Studies


Kolbe Certified Consultant

Demonstrate the knowledge and insights to identify people’s natural talents and help organizations utilize those talents productively.

Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) with specialty in Organizational Management (OM) from the International Association of Administrative Professionals

Demonstrate professional knowledge and mastery in:

  • Organizational Communications
  • Business Writing and Document Production
  • Technology and Information Distribution
  • Office and Records Management
  • Event and Project Management
  • Operational Functions (Human Resources & Finance)
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Compelling Communication
  • Effective Teamwork Skills
  • Strategic Planning


International Association of Administrative Professionals
International Virtual Assistants Association
KNOW Women Global