Essential Operations Guide + Toolkit

The ULTIMATE kit to build and maintain the most efficient and effective business to support your dream!

Most entrepreneurs start their businesses because they have a dream. 

Then the challenge of “how” gets in the way. 

Perfect for service-based entrepreneurs and those who support coaches and consultants.

The Essential Operations Guide + Toolkit introduces you to the foundational systems required to build and maintain an efficient and effective business.

Created with busy entrepreneurs in mind, the information is quick and easy to consume but thorough. Full of answers to the most common questions I’ve received in advisory sessions, podcast interviews, and workshops, this guide and toolkit are curated to your unique needs.

You’ll find the answers to:

  • I’m just getting started – what software and processes are priorities?
  • What are the different systems I should have?
  • How do I maintain my systems so they continue to work for me – not against me?
  • How do I prevent going over capacity?
  • What are the key elements of an exceptional client experience?
  • How do I organize my digital files to always find what I need quickly?
  • How do I keep my processes up to date?
  • How do I keep up with the growth of my business?

Designed for service-based businesses, you’ll receive tips on best practices, recommended software and tools, checklists, worksheets, spreadsheets, and more to implement processes that make running a business easier. To top it off, I’ll visit your inbox for 9 weeks to deliver additional resources to get you over the hurdle of how, so you can focus on doing what you love.

  • Essential Systems Maintenance Checklist
  • Digital Filing Cabinet
  • 5 Steps to Clean Out Your Inbox
  • Client Experience Mapping Workbook
  • Business Foundations: Sales + Software Tracker
  • Comprehensive Business Binder
  • New Services Planning Worksheet
Retail: $340 — SAVE 15%

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Essential Operations Guide + Toolkit for Service-Based Businesses



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