There are a handful of tools that I couldn’t imagine running my business without. Having quality systems is integral to creating ease in both my life and business and these resources get the job done. Below is information on my favorite softwares and resources to support my everyday operations.

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I’ve fluttered between multiple task list applications and everything changed when I met ClickUp. With its extensive customizations and integrations, ClickUp can create an effective task and project management environment for literally any user. With templates and plenty of videos to help you get creative, ClickUp opens the door to organizing and checking off your tasks like a pro! Click here to get started!


When it comes to keeping proper records, automating workflows, scheduling appointments, and invoicing clients, Dubsado can’t be beat! I’m constantly in awe of all I can build in Dubsado and the functions they continue to add. Documenting meetings notes, building forms and questionnaires, tracking leads and prospects – this software does it all in an easy-to-use interface. Click here to get 20% off your first month or annual subscription.


With all the email marketing systems out there, how do you know which one to use? Personally, I prefer ConvertKit. Here’s why:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • The integrations and email sequencing tools can’t be beat!
  • Their templates and tutorials are top-notch.

Within moments of creating a ConvertKit account, you can start building a mailing list and building a communication strategy that keeps you top of mind for your customers. And we all know what that means – $$$! Click here to start your free trail.


Look… I don’t have time to stay up to date on all the laws across the country and world to ensure my contracts, privacy policies, and website terms and conditions are up to date. That’s why I use The Contract Shop. The Contract Shop offers a wide array of contract and disclaimer templates that are prepared by real lawyers so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. It’s as simple as purchasing a template, following the prompts to customize, and getting back down to business. The best part is if the laws related to your template ever change, The Contract Shop will send you an updated version at no extra charge! Click here to protect your business in a matter of minutes.


If you want to visually plan your content, create a hashtag bank, collect all the data, not have to think about the best time to post, build a strategy and see how that strategy is doing, and work within a beautiful interface, you need to use Plann. No joke – Plann is the most user-friendly, low-maintenance social media tool I’ve come across and even better, the pricing plans are cheaper than their competitors. How does it get better? You can plan out your stories, create a content bank (for those repeat elements), and link it to Canva. What more could you ask for?! Click here to save cash on your paid plan!


What drew me to Styled Stock Society was their beautifully composed and edited stock photos that I use for everything from social media posts to website images. However, what has made me a loyal customer for life is the ever-growing library of Canva design templates. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Workbooks, Checklists, Presentations. Styled Stock Society has it all and every month, new photos and templates are added. Click here to create beautiful brand materials with ease!


If you’re working in multiple email accounts and using the same online applications every day, Shift will streamline your work into a singular workstation. Allowing you to easily toggle between accounts and even keep browsing separated, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to quickly switch gears. The best part: Shift is a cloud-based application so settings carry seamlessly across devices. Click here to get started!


The number one struggle for business owners is figuring out how to get the work done. With all the apps, hacks, and methods out there, wouldn’t it be nice to know what will work for you without wasting time, energy, and money? Sure it would! And that’s where the Kolbe A Assessment comes in. This isn’t a personality profile. Kolbe helps you understand and leverage your natural strengths and instincts for success. If you’re building a team in your business, the Kolbe assessment will help you pinpoint exactly who would add the most value to your operations and help you work together better. Get started here.


You’re never going to build wealth if you don’t build a healthy relationship with money. For me, it’s all about foresight and control. I use You Need a Budget to ensure every dollar that comes into my accounts does exactly what I want it to do. If the cash envelope system sounds great to you in theory but you hate carrying cash, then this cloud budgeting software is ideal for you! Without having 80 different accounts or constantly moving around, you can arrange your funds into categories that allows you to ensure you always have enough set aside to cover your bills and plan for the future. Interested? YNAB offers a 34-day free trial and plenty of support to get you started. Click here to start your free trial and get 1 Month of subscription free!


Every morning for about seven+ years now, I have read theSkimm over breakfast. It’s a quick and dirty run down on current events that can be digested in 10 minutes or less with links that allow you to dig further if something interests you. Their coverage spans everything from politics, pop culture, and world news. It’s amazing. If you want to stay up to date but not get buried under all the noise, this is a great source. Check it out!


No graphic design experience? No problem. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of creating print or digital materials, look no further than Canva. Canva is a web-based graphic design tool with thousands of templates, fonts, and images to get you started – no experience required. Every asset you see in my business – from my logo to the digital downloads – was created in Canva. Having worked with other softwares, I can honestly say this is the easiest way to DIY graphic aspects of your business and look super professional in the process.

All branded photography you see present on my website and products was taken by Girl Squad, Los Angeles-based branding photography and film.

The resources on this page have my whole-hearted recommendation and are actively used in my business. However, this page does include affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I will receive some form of compensation if you purchase through my link.