Individual Coaching

Efficiency + Effectiveness

You can be successful...
just as you are.

Stop being your greatest hurdle to achieving your goals! Uncover your natural strengths and learn to leverage them appropriately so you can work with confidence, ease, and consistency.

You will discover how to…

  • find empowerment through your natural strengths
  • break the cycle of burnout
  • outsmart procrastination
  • remove personal barriers to success
  • identify your environmental priorities
  • express your communication and conflict style
  • leverage your natural motivators to maintain momentum

What's included?

Coaching Sessions

(3) 60-minute virtual coaching sessions scheduled over 6 weeks to build consistency and accountability


Everything DiSC Workplace and Kolbe A Index assessments to gain deeper insight into your natural preferences and strengths

Supplemental Development Materials

Purposeful materials to aid in our time together and keep the development going.

The Plan

Finding ease – with ease.

Step 1

Schedule your 3 60-minute sessions over 6 weeks to build consistency and momentum.

Step 2

Take the assessments. The Everything DiSC Workplace and Kolbe A Index Assessments will bring additional insights to our time together.

Step 3

Do the work. We’ll identify strategic next steps, and I’ll be here for accountability and encouragement along the way!


The package fee is $850.00, which includes your sessions, the assessments, and supplemental materials.

Six weeks is the minimum coaching window to allow time for proper implementation and growth. However, if you need more time due to scheduling constraints, you have up to 3 months to use your sessions.

First, I would be so honored to keep working with you. If at the end of our three sessions you would like more time together, additional sessions will be available for purchase.

Assessments are the great equalizer and give us incredible insights into your natural preferences and strengths. Everything DiSC Workplace is a personality assessment that helps understand your motivators, stressors, and preferences. The Kolbe A Index is a conative assessment that brings to light your natural strengths and instincts when taking action. 

This is a valid and important question. First, we’ll be leveraging your natural preferences and instincts, so instead of changing you (which rarely works), we’ll be empowering you. Second, just as with any coaching, you’ll get out of it what you put into it, but I’ll be here for accountability and encouragement.


If you have additional questions or would like to further discuss your needs and options, please click below to book an exploratory call.

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