Coach + Consultant


Looking to add more value for your clients?

Give your clients additional insights into themselves and others by adding Kolbe and/or DiSC assessments to your coaching and consulting packages.


Partner with me to administer and deliver Kolbe + DiSC to your clients and watch your services transform!

Expanded Offerings through a Certified Consultant

I’ve personally witnessed the Kolbe and DiSC assessments change the way people view themselves, others, and how they live their lives. You can now offer those empowering insights without having to pay for certification or administrative console fees.

More Insight into Your Clients

Imagine understanding your clients on a deeper, more candid level and being able to weave that into your coaching. You will receive access to all of your clients’ results so you can better serve them and get more substantial results.

Referral Credit

If your clients book an additional service with me, you will receive a referral credit of 10% of my consulting fee off the first engagement.


Individual Assessments + Interpretations

Includes Kolbe and/or DiSC assessment and a 45-minute virtual interpretation for your client with me to review their results. Full results are delivered to your client via email and sent to you for your records.

Individual Assessments Only

If you or your client are already familiar with Kolbe and/or DiSC and just need help with assessment administration, I’m here for you! Full results are delivered to your client via email and sent to you for your records. 

Team Assessments

Administration of assessments for teams, including creating the team roster, sending assessments and tracking completion progress, compiling results, and as-needed consulting on results. 

How It Works


We’ll schedule a 20-minute strategy call to discuss the benefits and insights from each assessment to determine what will best serve your clients and complement your service offerings.

Assess Your Clients

Assessing your clients is easy. Simply send me your client’s name and email address and I’ll administer the assessment. If you’ve opted to include interpretations, I will schedule directly with your client.

Access Their Results

You will have access to all client results that I administer and I’m happy to provide you with free consultative insights as requested.

Get Started


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