Business Foundations: Sales + Software Tracker

Get my most-requested management tools for service-based businesses in one spreadsheet!

This downloadable and customizable spreadsheet includes two powerful tools – a sales tracker and a software tracker.

In the Sales Tracker, keep track of your projected and secured revenue for the year as well as your time capacity usage. Providing organization around your commitments per month and line of business, document when you have committed to deals, how much anticipated revenue will be coming in, and even how much of your time you’ve promised away. 

Oh yes, we’re finally addressing the top issue facing service-based businesses – how to avoid overcommitting. The accompanying workbook provides guidance for calculating your time commitment per service/program/agreement so that when a deal closes, you know it will comfortably fit your capacity amongst your other deals that month. 

In the Software Tracker, document all the software subscriptions you’ve signed up for, how much you pay, the billing cycles, and more so you can easily remove redundancies and streamline your tools. Not only will this tracker improve your technology oversight, but it’ll help you save money!

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Revenue and Software Tracker

Business Foundations: Sales + Software Tracker



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