Exceptional Systems VIP Day

Like the Home Edit… but for business systems!

Are you ready for an easier way of doing business?

Your hustle has turned into a grind.
Your business is starting to run your life.
And you know there’s a better way to do this.

There is a better way to accomplish all you need in your business without getting buried in tasks.

Specializing in Dubsado and ClickUp, I optimize your systems to work with your unique business needs, automate processes, and streamline how your systems work together.

Give me one day - I'll give you back your life.

You may be struggling because...

Systems just aren't your thing.
You're growing quickly - and outgrowing what's worked in the past.
Nothing stays organized.
Software doesn't seem to work the way it's supposed to or you know it could do more.
You have too much work to focus on making it all work.

During this VIP Day, I'll focus solely on your business to tackle
your biggest workflow bottlenecks and pain points

in a way that works for your unique business and style.

Dubsado + ClickUp

Dubsado Build Out

"I know I have a contract...somewhere."

Getting your whole business organized and functional in a top-notch CRM. Includes migrating existing materials, setting up projects, connecting integrations, setting up templates and forms, and creating workflows.

+ Design workflow process that will be facilitated in Dubsado
+ Set up materials in the system
+ Optimize and automate to work with ease
+ Does not include graphic design or content creation

ClickUp Set Up

"I'm losing track of what's going on."

Setting up your project management software to actually help you work less. Includes migrating from current system, setting up structure, and creating templates and automations.

+ Migrate materials from existing task/project management tool
+Create structure and templates
+ Optimize and automate to work with ease

What's included in a VIP Day?

In this completely tailored consultation experience where you’ll receive my undivided attention and effort, you will also get:

Strategy Session to set priorities and goals for the big day

6-hour Working VIP Day focused on your systems.

Bonus - you don't have to be present for this!

Implementation Session to train you (and your team) on your new system.

Signature support via email for first 14 days.

Kolbe A Index Assessment for you and one team member to evaluate working styles

Recordings of meetings, a custom Systems Guide, and additional resources to maintain and optimize your tools

Curious what we can accomplish?

The Plan

Getting relief is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

We’ll build a strategy to serve your goals, address key pain points, and create a list of deliverables for your VIP Day

Step 2

Magic will happen on the big day! You’ll go about your regular business while I dig into your systems to elevate your operations.

Step 3

Gather the team together for training day. I’ll ensure everyone is properly introduced to the system, discuss best practices, and cover additional resources.


The package fee for an Exceptional Systems VIP Day is $2,000.00. Payment plans are available. The package includes a Strategy Session, 6-hour working VIP Day, Implementation Session, 2 Kolbe A Index assessments, a custom Systems Guide, and 14 days of email support following the VIP Day.

Yes! This is a hands-on service where you not only get my expert advice but also my design and build skills. However, you will have a little homework on the front end to ensure I have all of the information and materials necessary to bring your systems to life.

Goodness, no. Could you imagine how boring that would be?! On your VIP Day, you just need to be available via the communication channel you are most comfortable with – text or email – to answer questions that may arise.

A VIP Day consists of 6 hours of hands-on work (not including the Strategy and Implementation Sessions.) Based on your needs, I’ll ensure we’re using that time efficiently and you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Together we will do a virtual, live (recorded) training session (called the Implementation Session) where I will introduce you to the system, what was built, and answer any pressing questions you may have. Anyone on your team is welcome to join! Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive Systems Guide with links to custom tutorial videos and knowledge base articles for future reference. And the cherry on top, you have access to me for 14 days after our training call to ask additional questions and request edits to anything I built for you.

The Kolbe assessment is included in the price of your VIP Day and gives me tremendous insight into the type of system design that will support you most successfully. While you may opt-out of taking the assessment, I highly recommend it. The assessment only takes 10-15 minutes to complete and I guarantee you’ll find the results interesting!

If you’re on the fence between an Intensive (advisory session) and a VIP Day (done-for-you service), book the Intensive. During the session, we’ll create an action list and if it all seems a bit much or you’d rather not do it yourself, the fee for the Intensive can be applied as a credit toward booking a VIP Day.

This actually happens a lot and I’m happy to jump back in for a Systems Tune-Up. Because we won’t be starting from scratch, there’s a discount for booking with me again.

Ready to get started?

VIP Days have limited availability throughout the year.
Contact me today to reserve your spot!


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