3 Services to Contract for Your Business

3 Services to Contract for Your Business

Jen Lawrence
Jen Lawrence

Business Process Consultant focusing on streamlining workflows, optimizing tools, and aligning teams for operational efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is believing they can do it all. While entrepreneurs can (and often do) wear a lot of hats, there are great risks in believing and attempting to run your business by yourself.

Sure, you could do research on all the tax codes and piece together something that sounds like a good contract. You could build automations through multiple apps and grind yourself into the ground executing all your day-to-day tasks and business development.


You could hire an expert to help you. And trust me, the experts are far more affordable than you think.

If you’re ready to offload some work or fill knowledge gaps in your business, here are the top three contractors I recommend you start with.

Financial Team

Hire an accountant, bookkeeper, and/or tax professional to help you manage the money. They’ll make sure all the numbers add up, taxes are filed on time, and may even help maximize your revenue by finding tax write-offs and advantages.

Legal Team

Contract a small business specialist to help with trademark and licensing needs. Also, did you know there are services that provided lawyer-prepared legal templates? Contracts, NDAs, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies. You can get them all from legal services. This one is my favorite.


Bringing in a virtual assistant (VA) and an online business manager (OBM) will change the day-to-day efficiency of your business. A VA can help you with tasks like calendar and inbox management. An OBM will take your business to the next level through project management of business development opportunities and systems optimization.

Don’t let a price tag hold you back from getting expert help. Shop around, get quotes, and start moving forward.

If you’re looking for expert help with your client experience and systems, I can help! Visit here to explore how we can work together.

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