Coach vs Consultant - Which is Right for You

Business Coach vs Consultant: Which is right for you?

Jen Lawrence
Jen Lawrence

Business Process Consultant focusing on streamlining workflows, optimizing tools, and aligning teams for operational efficiency and effectiveness.

We all get by with a little help from our friends, but when it comes to hiring guidance for our businesses, we want to make sure that help is worth the investment. There are a lot of options out there and if you aren’t careful, you may not get what you’re actually looking for, especially if you confuse a coach with a consultant (or vice versa.)

So let’s start there.


A business coach guides you to the right answers, focuses on mindset, and assists in motivation for the implementation of your change/plan. Think of them as your strategic thought partner.

A business consultant is a subject matter or skill expert who helps you develop and implement a plan. Think of them as a tactical advisor.

Now, this doesn’t mean a consultant can help you strategically or a coach can’t help you tactically. However, when you start searching for assistance, you’ll want to make sure you’re evaluating the right potential people for the job you need done.


Consider these three things:

  1. What do you actually need help with – vision or skill? 
  2. What level of support do you need – discussion or tactical? 
  3. What business purpose are you trying to serve – strategic or operational?

An example to illustrate this can be found in my own services. As a Productivity Coach, I help guide you to tools, resources, and strategies to improve the way you work and collaborate. As a Systems Consultant, I dig in to develop solutions that work for your unique needs and actually build them for you. Both create ease in your life and business but serve you as the client differently. For more information on my services, click here.

When searching for a business coach or consultant, the key is to know exactly what you want and need out of the relationship. No one person is going to solve it all for you but if you make the right investment, you’ll make leaps and bounds ahead.

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