3 Tips to Create Reusable Checklists

Jen Lawrence
Jen Lawrence

Operational Efficiency Expert. Creating ease through systems.

There are good checklists, and there are ineffective checklists. I know…WHAT?!

One of the easiest ways to stay productive, keep organized, and manage workflows is to create checklists of the actions that need to be completed.

However, you need to be mindful of which type of checklist you will use as there are good checklists and there are ineffective checklists.

I’m going to share how I create a not just great checklist, but a reusable checklist that will save you time and increase productivity.

Start with these 3 easy steps:

  1. When possible, create the checklist while you’re doing the tasks. You’ll be in the right mindset and already be doing the work, so you’re less likely to skip steps and details.
  1. Use action-oriented words for each task. Verbs are your best friend. After all, you are creating a task list – focus on the ACTION!
  1. Be detailed. Assume that the most-frazzled version of yourself will be using the checklist in the future. Be clear about what software or tools you’ll need, where to save things, naming conventions, templated language, hex codes, whatever it is you need to deliver the best version of the work you’re doing.

Creating checklists is the best way to document workflows, ensure you deliver consistent quality, and facilitate delegation. Plus you get the huge satisfaction of crossing items off your list. And who doesn’t love that!?

Here is another helpful blog sharing my favorite task management tool that will help you with business and personal tasks!

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