Upgrade Your Client Experience by Answering This One Question

Upgrade Your Client Experience by Answering This One Question

Jen Lawrence
Jen Lawrence

Business Process Consultant focusing on streamlining workflows, optimizing tools, and aligning teams for operational efficiency and effectiveness.

There is one question that you should be answering with every contact with your client. And unfortunately, in my experience, most companies don’t.

The reasons why you should be answering this question are:

  1. It makes everything more efficient
  2. It’s good customer service.
  3. It allows your client to know exactly what to expect from you.

We get caught up in all the other things that go into our businesses and customer service gets lost. Customer service is not only human-ness, it’s actually something that would make your life and your client’s life easier. Bonus, it makes the client experience overwhelmingly positive.

Every single time you send an email, a DM, a package, a contract, or an invoice, you need to be answering this question:

“What’s next?”

You need to be setting expectations for your client about the next steps. 

Here’s what this looks like in a very general simple term: You’re exchanging emails back and forth to schedule. You fire off your schedule, “Here’s when I’m available. Let me know if that works.” No. That is not how you set the expectation. That is not letting them know what’s next.

Instead, try this: Send the emails back and forth and then say, “Please let me know what the best match is for you, and I’ll send a calendar invite to confirm.”

If you’re not answering the question “What’s next?”, you’re not only missing an opportunity to satisfy or delight your customer, you’re missing out on a sales opportunity and bogging down your own system. 

People who have good customer experiences become loyal customers and become referral partners and advocates for their experience with you. This means better relationships and fewer sales activities. Do not miss out on this opportunity and make sure you are taking the time with every client contact to answer the question “What’s next?”

If you need help up-leveling your customer experience, I can help with that!

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