3 Tips to Optimize an Email Marketing System

3 Tips to Optimize an Email Marketing System

Jen Lawrence
Jen Lawrence

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Most business models today require an email marketing system to communicate with clients and customers. Whether a product or service-based business, you need to collect email addresses and provide engaging content to your subscribers. 

To ensure your emails are actually reaching your audience and the system is operating well, there are a few pro tips you’ll want to consider.

Collect Personal Email Addresses

When encouraging individuals to sign up for your mailing list, prompt them to sign up with their personal email address when possible. Why? Because companies and organizations have higher security protocols in place that may automatically junk your emails. Also, people change jobs often – don’t get left behind on a corporate server.

Limit Images and Gifs

Too many images and gifs may ding spam filters in your recipients’ email systems. Aim for one or two per email to increase your likelihood of making it through. This also increases the loading time of your emails on mobile devices, which is always a win! 

Clean Your Subscriber List

This one always sounds counterintuitive, but scrub your email marketing list of unengaged readers. A bigger list doesn’t mean you’re actually reaching more people. However, the bigger purpose of this is most email marketing systems charge by audience size, so all those people ignoring your emails could be costing you money. 

As a bonus tip, “export” your mailing list regularly to an xls or csv file and save it as a backup in the event something happens to your email marketing system. I recommend once a quarter.

Email marketing systems, such as ConvertKit, are an integral part of your business systems. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help with your operations and systems, check out my services here.

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