How to do a Quarterly Process Review

How to do a Quarterly Process Review

Jen Lawrence
Jen Lawrence

Business Process Consultant focusing on streamlining workflows, optimizing tools, and aligning teams for operational efficiency and effectiveness.

For effective operations management, it’s prudent to review your workflows regularly. Routine reviews ensure that your processes, systems, and people management are aligned to current goals and environmental needs. 

All workflows are designed with the best, most well-informed intentions, but the real work ends up looking different than expected. Often, there are unforeseen circumstances that change the way things get done. Other times, the designed workflow is at odds with how we prefer to work. And sometimes, as we get into the flow, the goal changes. Whatever the cause may be, it is highly likely that after three months of operating, your workflow needs to be adjusted to accommodate the current state. 

While it may feel cumbersome to add yet another to-do to your recurring task list, a Quarterly Process Review is a simple, quick exercise to evaluate and make adjustments.

How to do a Quarterly Process Review:

Ask the following questions in order for each workflow.

Does this workflow still support what needs to be accomplished?

If the answer is yes, congratulations! Move on to the next workflow you need to evaluate.

However, if the answer is no, identify why.

  • Has the goal changed?
  • Have your environmental conditions changed?
  • Are clients asking for something other than what you’ve been providing?
  • Is there friction between the people, process, or technology?

Evaluate and diagnose the root cause of why the workflow isn’t supporting what you’re trying to achieve.

What changes need to be made to bring the workflow into alignment?

Once you know the “why,” you can move on to the “what.” What changes need to be made? It may be as simple as modifying the language in an email template to as complex as redesigning the client journey. The goal here is to identify the specific parts of the workflow that need to be changed and the action items to do so. 

Need help here? Learn how to identify where your workflow is broken here.

What resources (people, processes, or technology) are needed to support the workflow going forward?

How are these updates going to be executed? Identify the resources that will be needed to bring the workflow into alignment. You may need to get your team on board to make changes or hire a contractor. You may need to redesign the process flow. Or you may even need to consider a different software platform. Whatever it may be, thoughtfully consider the correct order and pace of implementation and how these changes will impact the rest of your operations.

Operational efficiency and effectiveness require you to consistently be connected to how the work is getting done. If you’re experiencing friction or frustration with your processes, I offer advisory services to help diagnose and strategically plan solutions to bring you back on track. Learn more about how we can get you to a place of ease here.

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