Finding Success with

Kolbe + DiSC

Whether looking to unlock your unique individual strengths or to elevate your team culture, the Kolbe and DISC assessments can help get you there.

Discover the key to achieving - with less stress and more joy.

Scientists throughout history agree that there are three parts of your mind – thinking, feeling, and doing. The DiSC assessment helps us understand our preferences, motivations, and personalities. Alternatively, the Kolbe assessment looks beyond intelligence and emotions to identify your innate approach to taking action. When pairing together our preferences and strengths, we can unlock the hidden key to your best performance.

Everything DiSC

The Everything DiSC assessment is a personal development learning experience that measures preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC model. This simple yet powerful model describes four basic styles: D (Dominance), i (Influence), S (Steadiness), and C (Conscientiousness.) You’ll receive personalized insights that deepen your understanding of self and others, making workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective

Kolbe Wisdom

The Kolbe assessment was the first on market to measure the brain’s natural conation – how you instinctively take action. By understanding how you gather and share information, organize yourself, deal with risk and uncertainty, and use space and tangibles, we can predict how you will behave and use that information for impactful, comfortable achievement.

For individuals, the Kolbe can be the key for self-awareness, self-advocacy, empowerment, and acceptance.

At the team level, using Kolbe can elevate your communication, collaboration, and culture. 

How can Kolbe + DiSC help you?

For Individuals

Taking the Kolbe A Index can help you:

  • find empowerment through your natural strengths
  • break the cycle of burnout
  • outsmart procrastination
Taking the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment can help you: 
  • identify your environmental priorities
  • communicate your communication style
  • leverage natural motivations to maintain momentum

The power of both assessments together:

  • build self-awareness
  • gain tools for self-advocacy
  • better manage yourself and your team
  • unlock your leadership style

Assessment + Interpretation

Looking to dip your toe in? This package includes the assessment of your choice (Kolbe A Index or Everything DiSC Workplace) and a 45-minute virtual profile interpretation to help you understand and leverage your unique results.

Personal Profile Deep Dive

Ready to transform the way you work, collaborate, and communicate? During a Deep Dive, we'll spend 3-hours together reviewing your Kolbe A Index and Everything DiSC Workplace assessment results - covering your strengths, procrastination obstacles, managing stress, and more.

For Teams

Looking for an engaging way to learn more about your team and bring them together to build trust? Team sessions are the perfect opportunity to learn more about ourselves while coming together as a whole. 

Benefits of team sessions include:

  • bond as a team
  • learn to respect and leverage differences
  • develop a common language

Team Mini Session

Introduce your team to either Kolbe or DiSC and how to leverage the results for personal and team success. This session includes assessments for each participant and a 90-minute virtual engagement.

Team Success Session

Ready to empower and inspire your team? The Team Success Session gives leaders everything they need to transform the way they work. This session includes assessments for each participants, a 3-hour virtual engagement, custom leadership reports, and additional one-on-one meetings. These sessions are perfect times of transition and team builds.

What They Say

Lorna Bailey Founder, Moonstone Virtual Assistance

Invaluable! I've been able to re-organize my workday and systems to achieve even more results in my business.

Kira La Forgia Coachsultant, Paradigm Consulting

I'm more confident and proud of my strengths! I have given myself more forgiveness and grace, improved my self-talk, and even stuck up for myself.



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