Finding Success with

Individual + Team Coaching

Unlock your unique individual strengths and elevate your team culture.

Remove personal and team barriers to success.

Often we are the greatest hurdle to reaching our goals. My strengths-based coaching focuses on building efficiency and effectiveness while fostering self-empowerment and belonging.

For Individuals

Efficiency + Effectiveness Coaching Package

Ready to transform the way you work, collaborate, and communicate? During this program, we'll get you on the path to operating as your most efficient and effective self by removing barriers to success, designing your work life to support your natural style, empowering you through self-awareness and advocacy, and equipping you with strategies to overcome procrastination and stress.

For Teams

Team Development Mini Session

Looking for a team build or a bite-sized training? These 90-minute trainings are perfect for bringing your team together to bond and cover a specific topic.

Team Development Series

Three 90-minute sessions covering understand individual motivators and preferences, building communication and collaboration skills, and managing stress.

Team Success Session

Half day session to build a deep understanding of individuals and start building a culture of belonging. This session covers reviewing the individual motivators and preferences, connecting through our new common language, working through barriers to collaboration and communication, and building better relationships.

What They Say

Lorna Bailey Founder, Moonstone Virtual Assistance

Invaluable! I've been able to re-organize my workday and systems to achieve even more results in my business.

Kira La Forgia Coachsultant, Paradigm Consulting

I'm more confident and proud of my strengths! I have given myself more forgiveness and grace, improved my self-talk, and even stuck up for myself.

Other Offerings

Taking the Kolbe A Index can help you:

  • find empowerment through your natural strengths
  • break the cycle of burnout
  • outsmart procrastination
  • remove personal barriers to success
Taking the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment can help you: 
  • identify your environmental priorities
  • communicate your communication style
  • leverage natural motivations to maintain momentum

Assessment + Interpretation

Looking to dip your toe in? Get started with your development journey by taking the Kolbe A Index or the Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment. We'll review together during a 45-minute virtual profile interpretation to help you understand and leverage your unique results.

Assessment Administration

If your team or company already uses Kolbe or Everything DiSC and you'd simply like assistance with administering assessments, I'm happy to help!



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